Always-On, Guaranteed Delivery

Always-On Reliability

Always-On Service with Guaranteed Delivery

PagerDuty uses multiple data centers, hosting, and communication providers to deliver a reliable service and guarantees the delivery of alerts at all times to thousands of customers across the globe.

always on reliability

“ I really like the iOS app. The ability to acknowledge, escalate, and resolve all incidents while away from the office is really nice.”

Michael Hobbs, Operations Manager, StumbleUpon

Strong Security and Control Features Mean High Reliability and Performance

  • Uninterrupted Service at Scale

    Our service is distributed across multiple data centers and hosting providers, so that if one goes down, we stay available.

  • Alert Delivery SLA

    Through systematic polling and testing of providers with automatic failover, we are able to guarantee alert delivery with an SLA.

  • Global Service

    Multiple email, phone, and SMS providers enable service to over 180 countries.

  • Service Status Transparency

    Our status page provides 24/7 transparency into our uptime.

  • Failure Fridays

    To enhance our reliability, PagerDuty runs “Failure Friday” every week to manually test for failure resilience across multiple providers including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and IBM.