Inclusion, Diversity,
& Equity at PagerDuty

At PagerDuty, we seek to empower and enable Dutonians of all backgrounds to develop, champion and facilitate an Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (ID&E) mindset. Regardless of identity, it is important that all our employees feel welcome, safe, and heard.

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We release PagerDuty’s third annual Inclusion, Diversity and Equity (ID&E) report amidst a challenging economic backdrop, a volatile geopolitical environment and continued societal upheaval as we emerge from the pandemic.

We pride ourselves on being intellectually honest when learning from our progress in hiring, retaining and promoting a diverse and inclusive workforce and leadership. As we move forward on this journey, we will continue to make progress on our commitments to ensure we build an inclusive organization where employees can thrive and foster authentic global belonging as we transform critical work so all teams can delight their customers and build trust.

Jennifer Tejada

— Jennifer Tejada (she/her),
Chairperson & CEO



Global gender: Entire company

Global gender: Entire company
40% Female 40% Female
60% Male 60% Male

Global gender: People managers

Global gender: People managers
42% Female 42% Female
58% Male 58% Male

Global gender: Senior leaders (VP+)

Global gender: Senior leaders (VP+)
45% Female 45% Female
55% Male 55% Male

US gender: Entire company

US gender: Entire company
44% Female 44% Female
56% Male 56% Male

US gender: People managers

US gender: People managers
45% Female 45% Female
55% Male 55% Male

US gender: Senior leaders (VP+)

US gender: Senior leaders (VP+)
44% Female 44% Female
56% Male 56% Male


US race/ethnicity:
Entire company

1% Am.Indian
19% Asian
8% Black
7% Hispanic
4% Two or more
62% White

US race/ethnicity:
People managers

19% Asian
8% Black
4% Hispanic
1% Two or more
68% White

US race/ethnicity:
Senior leadership (VP+)

23% Asian
5% Black
5% Hispanic
5% Two or more
62% White

While this data doesn’t represent our entire organization, Dutonians have self-identified as:



people with disabilities

veterans (U.S. only)

caregivers to children

caregivers to adults

non-native English speakers

We recognize that gender and race/ethnicity doesn’t fully capture the intersectionality of our identities. Thus, we offer Dutonians the opportunity to voluntarily self-identify. At PagerDuty, we encourage Dutonians to bring their authentic selves and to celebrate their identities, including all Dutonians who identify as women, men, non-binary, genderqueer/gender-non-conforming or are unsure/questioning their gender identity.

Pay equity

Global gender pay equity

Global gender pay equity graph
$1.00 Female $1.00 Female
$1.00 Male $1.00 Male

US underrepresented minority pay equity

US race/ethnicity pay equity graph
$0.99 Underrepresented population $0.99 Underrepresented population
$1.00 Majority $1.00 Majority

Note: Gender (women to men) weighted pay average conducted on ‘on target earnings’ (OTE - Base salary + any applicable variable pay targets {bonus/commission}).

Board of Directors

Board of Directors gender graph

Board of Directors:

44% Female 44% Female
56% Male 56% Male
Board of Directors race/ethnicity graph

Board of Directors:

67% Non-White 67% Non-White
33% White 33% White

We have designed graphs and charts in our IDE Report and this landing page to be visually accessible.

person on call

Talent retention

Enriching the employee experience

With a steadfast focus on our people, we increased our opportunity to enrich our employee experience by launching the Culture and Strategy team in Spring 2022. Our Culture and Strategy team focused on increasing the employee engagement lifecycle through intentional listening, activation of our company values and practices, and communicating our employee value proposition to employees, customers, and partners.

Investing in our people

As part of our continuous commitment to growth and development, we expanded our investment in employee development experiences at PagerDuty. Spearheaded by our People Development team, Dutonians experienced individual growth and development through our MindGym experience, Ignite Inclusion, while our leaders upskilled on inclusivity and belonging. Some notable program highlights that provided the space, time and support to develop Dutonians include:

  • ID&E Ambassador Program, which offers a global perspective on cultural and business norms for every region within our offering;
  • The Dutonian Experience: included a new ID&E and Imposter Syndrome session along with offerings for APJ and EMEA;
  • The Executive Leadership Development Series - EDLS, with a focus on emotional intelligence and global awareness.

Talent acquisition

PagerDuty is celebrated as an inclusive workplace across the industry, and this year is recognized as one of Fortune’s Best Workplaces for Women and Diversity Jobs’ Top Diversity Employer.

Investment & impact

In 2022, the world experienced unprecedented global change and despite circumstances, we continue to prioritize investments in the communities we live and serve, further honing our equity framework and practices to support community-centered organizations and invest in underrepresented change leaders.

team volunteers packing backpacks

Employee Resource Groups

Our eight Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are self-organized, employee-run communities focused on advancing a sense of inclusion and belonging at PagerDuty.

PagerDuty RiSE logo

RiSE: The vision of RiSE is to cultivate a sense of belonging and community so we can continue to retain and provide growth opportunities throughout the organization.

PagerDuty Illuminate logo

Illuminate: To support and empower Asian and Pacific Islander employees by creating a safe and inclusive space for the A/PI community and promoting cultural and social awareness at PagerDuty.

PagerDuty PageAble logo

PageAble: Unite Dutonians with visible and invisible disabilities or chronic medical conditions, their families, friends and allies. We aim to cultivate an inclusive culture where all employees feel empowered by their different abilities and talents.

PagerDuty Dutonienses logo

Dutonienses: The vision of Dutonienses is to level the playing field for Latine employees by creating and celebrating a diverse and inclusive global work environment at PagerDuty.

PagerDuty PatriotDuty logo

PatriotDuty: To promote & support a veteran presence through recruitment programs, career opportunities, internal education, and community outreach.

PagerDuty RainbowDuty logo

RainbowDuty: To promote a positive, collaborative, and inclusive environment for all employees regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.

PagerDuty SisterDuty logo

SisterDuty: A safe space for women, non binary folks, agender, genderqueer Dutonians of SisterDuty.

PagerDuty Elevate logo

Elevate: To provide support to our women communities through its commitment to career development and sponsorship opportunities.

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