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Inclusion, Diversity,
and Equity at PagerDuty

At PagerDuty, we are a people-first organization dedicated to building an inclusive, diverse and equitable workplace that is representative of the communities we serve in and out of the workplace.

To do so, our work in inclusion, diversity, and equity is centered around our company values, enabling Dutonians to best serve one another, our customers, partners, and communities.

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Jennifer Tejada, PagerDuty CEO

PagerDuty’s commitment to inclusion, diversity, and equity remains unwavering. It is a foundation of our organizational values, part of our mission and culture, and embedded into our business strategy. We are more innovative, higher performing, and more successful when we reflect the diverse communities we serve.

Our second annual Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (ID&E) report shares successes over the past year, those occasions where outcomes fail to match our ambitions, and our learnings from both.

We will continue to make quantifiable commitments and track our progress. We will support our employees and customers in their efforts. I, and our team, are committed to ensuring we are both inclusive and anti-racist, and foster authentic belonging for our Dutonians.



Global gender: Entire company

Global gender: Entire company
40.1% Female 40.1% Female
59.9% Male 59.9% Male

Global gender: People managers

Global gender: People managers
43.5% Female 43.5% Female
53.5% Male 53.5% Male

Global gender: Senior leaders

Global gender: Senior leaders
40% Female 40% Female
60% Male 60% Male


US race/ethnicity:
Entire Company

0.2% Am.Indian
19.3% Asian
8.3 % Black
5.8 % Hispanic
0.2 % Pacific Isl.
6.4 % Two or more
59.9 % White

US race/ethnicity:
People Managers

17.2% Asian
6.5 % Black
4.1 % Hispanic
5.3 % Two or more
66.9 % White

US race/ethnicity:
Senior leadership (VP+)

14.3% Asian
5.7 % Black
2.9 % Hispanic
8.6 % Two or more
68.6 % White

Additionally, while this data doesn’t represent our entire organization, among the Dutonians who have self-identified:

  • 7% of Dutonians identify as members of LGBTQ+
  • <1% of Dutonians identify as Transgender
  • 8% of Dutonians identify as people with disabilities
  • <1% of Dutonians identify as veterans
  • 23% of Dutonians identify as parents
  • 3% of Dutonians identify as caregivers

Note: Binary gender identities come from EEOC data. At PagerDuty, we encourage Dutonians to bring their full self and celebrate their identities, including all Dutonians who identify as women, men, non-binary, gender- queer/gender-non-conforming, or are unsure/questioning in their gender identity.

We have designed graphs and charts in our IDE Report and this landing page to be visually accessible.

Pay equity

Global gender pay equity

Global gender pay equity graph
$0.99 Female $0.99 Female
$1.00 Male $1.00 Male

US race/ethnicity pay equity

US race/ethnicity pay equity graph
$0.98 Underrepresented Minority $0.98 Underrepresented Minority
$1.00 Non-Underrepresented Minority $1.00 Non-Underrepresented Minority

Note: Gender (women to men) weighted pay average conducted on ‘on target earnings’ (OTE - Base salary + any applicable variable pay targets {bonus/commission}).

We have designed graphs and charts in our IDE Report and this landing page to be visually accessible.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors gender graph

Board of Directors:

50% Female 50% Female
50% Male 50% Male
Board of Directors race/ethnicity graph

Board of Directors:

75% Non-White 75% Non-White
25% White 25% White
person on call

Talent retention

Developing inclusive leaders

We made a dedicated investment in an ID&E organization-wide learning approach, with the goal to enable Dutonians of all backgrounds to be champions, facilitators, and practitioners of inclusion, diversity, and equity everywhere. Our investment in a leading learning content partner focuses on translating behavioral science principles into a unique set of experiences, products, and tools to create company-wide behavior change. This partnership allows us to start and accelerate our multi-year journey to transform every employee into inclusive leader-practitioners.

Mentorship program

We launched our first reverse Mentorship Program, designed for Senior Leadership Team (SLT) members to mentor Black and Brown Dutonians in developing their career and provide guidance, while also learning best practices of allyship for supporting Black and Brown communities inside and outside the workplace.

Talent attraction

PagerDuty is a 2021 Best Workplace for Women to Advance winner, a Certified Great Place to Work©, and a Women in Tech DEI Initiative of the Year nominee.

great place to work logo parity org logo

Inclusive hiring

We launched an Inclusive Hiring program led by our Talent Acquisition team. The program consists of seven pillars including, Operations, Internal Networking, Sourcing Diverse Executive Talent, Partnerships & Events, Early Career Talent, Internal Education and Enablement, and Recruiting Delivery to evolve our recruiting processes and systems to be more inclusive.

Current Partnerships:

Investment & impact

Through cross-functional partnerships with our People Operations and Social Impact teams, we're investing in our communities with a focus on equity and equitable programs, policies, and practices.

Employee resource groups

Our six Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are self-organized, employee-run communities focused on advancing a sense of inclusion and belonging at PagerDuty.

PagerDuty array logo

Array: To level the playing field for Black/Latinx employees by cultivating and celebrating a diverse and inclusive global work environment at PagerDuty, so that we can continue to attract talent that represents our diverse customer base.

PagerDuty illuminate logo

Illuminate: To support and empower Asian and Pacific Islander employees by creating a safe and inclusive space for the A/PI community and promoting cultural and social awareness at PagerDuty.

PagerDuty PageAble logo

PageAble: Unite Dutonians with visible and invisible disabilities or chronic medical conditions, their families, friends and allies. We aim to cultivate an inclusive culture where all employees feel empowered by their different abilities and talents.

PagerDuty PatriotDuty logo

PatriotDuty: To promote & support a veteran presence through recruitment programs, career opportunities, internal education, and community outreach.

PagerDuty RainbowDuty logo

RainbowDuty: To promote a positive, collaborative, and inclusive environment for all employees regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.

PagerDuty SisterDuty logo

SisterDuty: A safe space for women, non binary folks, agender, genderqueer Dutonians of SisterDuty.

Read our annual report on Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity.

See details on the trends, programs, and investments we've made as part of our commitment to ID&E.