A letter from our Chairperson and CEO, Jennifer Tejada

Jennifer Tejada

This letter was published as part of PagerDuty’s FY24 Impact Report.

Social responsibility is embedded in the culture of PagerDuty, and our ongoing commitment to social good led to significant impact for our stakeholders during our last fiscal year. I’m pleased to share that we continued to achieve measurable progress toward our goals of creating a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable future, and leveraging our resources and capabilities to make a positive impact in the communities we operate in. These efforts are in service to the commitment we made in 2017 when we took the 1% Pledge with the support of our Board.  At that time, we allocated 1% of equity, 1% of product and 1% of employee-paid volunteer time to philanthropic causes.

Since making the pledge nearly seven years ago, the principles of leadership and service remain pivotal to our cohesiveness as a company, our trust with customers and our stewardship in the communities we serve. Ingrained in our culture is the expectation that our work creates lasting impact. It’s an outcome that our employees have come to expect, and one which our customers, partners, shareholders and communities benefit from. 

Highlights of our progress during the fiscal year ending January 31, 2024, include: 

  • 479 Impact Customers, including nonprofits and B Corps, up from 306 the prior year;  
  • $2 million in product discounts and donations to Impact Customers, up from $1.2 million the prior year; 
  • $1.46 million was granted to philanthropic partners, including $500,000 for our Impact Accelerator partners who receive PagerDuty product and technical pro bono support; and, 
  • 67% of philanthropic grant partners are led by women and/or underrepresented people. 

Over the past year, we laid the groundwork for significant sustainability and business milestones. Toward our goal of contributing to a more sustainable future, we set carbon reduction goals that are aligned with the Science Based Targets initiative, an organization that independently verifies and validates corporate targets in line with the latest climate science. We expect our targets to be validated this coming year. 

Toward our goal of helping government agencies in the United States build operational resilience, we worked closely with the FedRAMP Authority to demonstrate our commitment to rigorous security, privacy and compliance processes. In FY24, we achieved the authority’s designation of “In Process” and began pursuing the agency’s “Authority to Operate” status. 

We know socially engaged employees feel more connected to each other and our purpose. For that reason, we’re especially glad that 96% of our employees participated in volunteering, giving and/or employee match for a cause they care about, and 86% said our impact efforts made them proud to work at PagerDuty. 

At the heart of our culture is a deep desire to ensure everyone at PagerDuty feels valued, respected and empowered to contribute to our collective success. Inclusive and engaged teams deliver results that benefit all our stakeholders, including customers, employees and investors. 

To operationalize our approach to inclusion, diversity and equity, we invest thoughtfully in programs and policies that create an environment where top talent can thrive. These include growth and development opportunities at every level of the company as well as programs that support our robust panel of employee resource groups. Our Board of Directors and leadership embody our commitment to reflecting the diversity of the communities we serve. In FY24, as of January 31, 2024, we achieved pay equity for race and ethnicity in the U.S., and we were within one cent on the dollar for gender pay equity globally. 

For a deeper understanding of our progress in FY24, I encourage you to visit our Impact Hub where you can learn more about the customers and partners making a difference in the world with our help. 


With appreciation, 

Jennifer Tejada

Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer