We deploy PagerDuty’s platform to help nonprofits, B Corps and higher education organizations deliver on their mission-critical work.

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PagerDuty impact customer, Intelehealth

Streamlining urgent work to do more good.

Seconds matter for mission-driven organizations, and downtime can mean a delay in critical service delivery. Whether operating a suicide prevention hotline, delivering disaster relief, facilitating time-critical healthcare delivery or monitoring safe water levels, reliability, efficiency and availability are essential. That’s where we come in.

Through our Impact Pricing and Technical Pro Bono programs, we are making the PagerDuty Operations Cloud accessible to mission-driven organizations. The PagerDuty Operations Cloud frees up companies to focus on their core mission by identifying, automating and accelerating mission-critical work across their digital operations.

At PagerDuty, we continue to thoughtfully embed a global impact ethos into all our business practices. We are working collaboratively with our stakeholders to, together, build a more equitable world and sustainable future.

Olivia Khalili
VP, Global Impact

Impact Hub

Impact Pricing

Our platform helps impact organizations easily automate critical work, manage unexpected issues and increase team productivity all while reducing costs. Through our Impact Pricing program, eligible nonprofits, private foundations, nonprofit healthcare, B Corps and educational institutions can access free licenses, product discounts and expanded onboarding and training resources.

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PagerDuty impact customer, SIRUM
PagerDuty impact customer, SIRUM

Technical Pro Bono

Our Technical Pro Bono program offers employee expertise, platform best practices and additional technical capacity to our impact customers and grant partners at zero cost. Through this program, PagerDuty’s technical employees volunteer to collaborate with these organizations, helping to streamline their digital systems, improve response times and advance their operational infrastructure so that our partners can spend more time delivering on their mission.

PagerDuty impact customer, Trek Medics
PagerDuty impact customer, Trek Medics

Your platform for action in critical moments.

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Impact Customer Spotlight

Because PagerDuty is keeping an eye on all of our systems, our engineers have been able to focus on innovation and creating new features that our users need to allow them to respond to crises as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Jason Friesen
Founder and Executive Director, Trek Medics

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