We build a culture of changemakers, where employees can thrive, grow and positively impact all stakeholders they partner with.

Impact Hub
PagerDuty volunteers at OzHarvest in Australia

Activating our values for impact

Social impact is a long-standing part of our culture and employee experience at PagerDuty and a key driver of employee engagement and retention. Designed to activate employees throughout their journey at PagerDuty, our Employee Impact program helps employees drive the change they want to see in the world while serving our key impact customers, grant partners and local community needs.

Through our Employee Impact program, leaders and departments across PagerDuty—including our ID&E team, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and Community Responder local action networks—collaborate to create a variety of inclusive and accessible volunteer opportunities, donation campaigns and other social impact activations to contribute to our company’s vision of a more equitable world.

PagerDuty beach clean-up day in Japan
PagerDuty beach clean-up day in Japan

Our Core Values, Culture and Benefits

At PagerDuty, we aim to be a best-in-class career destination. Our corporate culture is rooted in our values, which unite us and guide our daily work, and are the foundation of our success. We strive to create an inclusive environment where people can learn, grow and bring their best selves.

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PagerDuty volunteers in Georgia
PagerDuty volunteers in Georgia

Employee Volunteering

All full-time employees receive 20 hours of paid volunteer time off each year to give back to their communities and support our key partners. By offering a variety of opportunities across the year, we enable employees to use their time and talents to drive meaningful change and we celebrate their volunteer journey with donation credit to further their impact.

PagerDuty in Chile
PagerDuty in Chile

Employee Giving

Launched in FY24, our match program amplifies employee donations to a variety of eligible nonprofit organizations. We proudly further our employees’ contributions and impact on these community organizations by providing a capped 1:1 annual match.

PagerDuty community clean-up day in Toronto
PagerDuty community clean-up day in Toronto

Community Responders Local Action Networks

The Community Responders program fosters employee leaders around the globe who inspire their colleagues to take local action and serve their community’s unique needs. These social impact ambassadors, many of whom are also ERG leaders, form local action networks that deploy grant funds and partner with community organizations to create regional in-person gatherings and virtual events, providing PagerDuty employees with meaningful opportunities to give back and connect with their colleagues.

Employee Spotlight

This is why employees stay at companies like ours—they feel engaged and supported to pursue what’s important to them and find their purpose.

Sara Bertrand
Manager, Talent Acquisition

Sara Bertrand

FY24 Key Highlights


of employees volunteered or donated


of employees cited that “PagerDuty’s investment in social impact makes me proud to work here”


total hours volunteered


in employee donations matched by PagerDuty

Over 50

volunteer activations by our Community Responders and ERGs

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