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Inclusion, Diversity & Equity

At PagerDuty, we seek to empower and enable employees of all backgrounds to champion and facilitate global engagement and belonging.

It is important that all our employees feel welcome, safe and heard. We use data-informed strategies to develop and sustain ID&E programs that drive employee engagement and belonging. Through our focus areas of training and engagement, our ID&E efforts foster deeper connections and inspire our employees to actively contribute to our company's objectives and respond to our customers' evolving needs.

Creating impact is at the heart of PagerDuty - we empower teams with the time and efficiency to build the future and we are committed to being a force for good. We seek to advance innovation, transform ideas into solutions and do everything in our power to contribute to an equitable world. We drive impact through our people, our platform and the customers we serve, fostering positive change across global communities. This year, through our newly launched Impact Hub, I am confident we will accelerate our efforts under a consolidated strategy for driving impact to enact change.

Joe Militello
Chief People Officer

Joe Militello

FY24 Representation


Global gender: Entire company

38.6% Woman
61.4% Men

Global gender: People managers

44.3% Woman
55.7% Men

Global gender: Senior leaders (VP+)

54.3% Woman
45.7% Men

U.S. gender: Entire company

44.5% Woman
55.5% Men

U.S. gender: People managers

48.7% Women
51.3% Men

U.S. gender: Senior leaders (VP+)

54.3% Women
45.7% Men


U.S. race/ethnicity:
Entire company

0.3% Am.Indian
20.2% Asian
6.7% Black
6.2% Hispanic
4.6% Two or more
61.7% White

U.S. race/ethnicity:
People managers

20.6% Asian
6.9% Black
2.6% Hispanic
2.6% Two or more
66.6% White

U.S. race/ethnicity:
Senior leadership (VP+)

20% Asian
5.7% Black
2.9% Hispanic
8.6% Two or more
62.9% White

While this data doesn’t represent our entire organization, Dutonians have self-identified as:


people with disabilities

veterans (U.S. only)

caregivers to children

caregivers to adults

We recognize that gender and race/ethnicity doesn’t fully capture the intersectionality of our identities. Thus, we offer Dutonians the opportunity to voluntarily self-identify. At PagerDuty, we encourage Dutonians to bring their authentic selves and to celebrate their identities, including all Dutonians who identify as women, men, non-binary, genderqueer/gender-non-conforming or are unsure/questioning their gender identity.

Pay Equity

Global gender pay equity

$0.99 Woman
$1.00 Male

U.S. underrepresented minority pay equity

$1.00 Underrepresented minority
$1.00 Majority

Note: Gender (women to men) weighted pay average conducted on ‘on target earnings’ (OTE - Base salary + any applicable variable pay targets {bonus/commission}).

Board of Directors

Board of Directors:

50% Women
50% Men

Board of Directors:

62% Identify as racially diverse
38% White

I’m dedicated to cultivating a culture of fairness, engagement and innovation within our organization, irrespective of identity or origin. By aligning global engagement and belonging with our business objectives, we aim to nurture a culture that delivers innovative solutions to solve our customers' most complex needs, while ensuring our stakeholders feel valued and heard. Together, we bridge divides, amplify perspectives and help shape the future of technology.

Roshan Kindred
Chief Diversity Officer

Roshan Kindred
Roshan Kindred
PagerDuty ArrayChella

PRISM Council

PagerDuty’s PRISM Council consists of representatives from multiple departments and levels and supports our overall IDE strategy and ERGs in the following:

  • Policy Development: The council supports the development and implementation of internal policies aimed at promoting equity and fairness, addressing systemic biases, and ensuring equal opportunities for all individuals.
  • Advocacy and Representation: Acting as a voice for underrepresented groups, the council advocates for inclusive practices and policies within organizations and communities, championing the rights and perspectives of marginalized individuals.
  • Influential input: Utilizing data-driven approaches, The group offers insights that shape the direction of our IDE strategy
  • Community Engagement: The council engages with diverse communities to foster dialogue, collaboration, and mutual understanding, building bridges across differences and promoting a sense of belonging for all.
Roshan Kindred
PagerDuty Illuminate volunteering at the San Francisco Chinatown Food Pantry

Global ID&E

We are committed to expanding our IDE strategy to reflect our global audience. This commitment entails tailoring our methodologies and processes to resonate with diverse cultures and preferences. We will prioritize understanding local nuances, regulatory environments, and employee behaviors in different regions, ensuring that our offerings are relevant and impactful across borders.

Employee Resource Groups

Our eight Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are self-organized, employee-run communities focused on advancing a sense of inclusion and belonging at PagerDuty.

PagerDuty RiSE logo

RiSE: The vision of RiSE is to cultivate a sense of belonging and community so we can continue to retain and provide growth opportunities throughout the organization.

PagerDuty Illuminate logo

Illuminate: To support and empower Asian and Pacific Islander employees by creating a safe and inclusive space for the A/PI community and promoting cultural and social awareness at PagerDuty.

PagerDuty PageAble logo

PageAble: Unite Dutonians with visible and invisible disabilities or chronic medical conditions, their families, friends and allies. We aim to cultivate an inclusive culture where all employees feel empowered by their different abilities and talents.

PagerDuty Dutonienses logo

Dutonienses: The vision of Dutonienses is to level the playing field for Latine employees by creating and celebrating a diverse and inclusive global work environment at PagerDuty.

PagerDuty PatriotDuty logo

PatriotDuty: To promote & support a veteran presence through recruitment programs, career opportunities, internal education, and community outreach.

PagerDuty RainbowDuty logo

RainbowDuty: To promote a positive, collaborative, and inclusive environment for all employees regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.

PagerDuty SisterDuty logo

SisterDuty: A safe space for women, non binary folks, agender, genderqueer Dutonians of SisterDuty.

PagerDuty Elevate logo

Elevate: To provide support to our women communities through its commitment to career development and sponsorship opportunities.

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