Event Grouping and Enrichment


Event Normalization and Enrichment

With PagerDuty, DevOps and IT Operations teams centralize, normalize, classify, and enrich events. Teams can group and correlate related events into actionable incidents, consolidating relevant context to enable enhanced triage and resolution. With contextual, normalized insights in a single view, teams can much more easily identify, prioritize, and resolve critical issues, significantly optimizing the incident management workflow.

PagerDuty has been a major driver of operational efficiency.

Connie-Lynne Villani, Senior Manager, Groupon

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Self-Service Integrations & Event Centralization

PagerDuty centralizes high volumes of events from any monitoring or deployment tool.

Event Normalization

Event data from integrated monitoring and custom tools are normalized into a common format. Learn More

Event Rules Engine

Our event rules engine enables customers to programmatically manage large volumes of events, to adjust alert and incident behavior as well as suppress non-actionable alerts.

Event Enrichment

Enrich events with contextual insights and remediation instructions. Include graphs, images, runbook links, metadata, or conference call numbers directly in the incident details.

The Features You Need

PagerDuty’s Incident Resolution Platform cuts through noise and helps you resolve
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