Event Intelligence and Automation

Turn event data into insight and action. Automatically aggregate, route, and classify events while suppressing noise to manage what matters.

PagerDuty has been a major driver of operational efficiency.

Connie-Lynne Villani, Senior Manager, Groupon

Learn more about event normalization and enrichment features.

Event Rules

Programmatically manage large volumes of event data from 200+ monitoring tools. Intelligently automate routing, suppression, and notification behavior based on event data.

Alert Grouping

Automatically group related alerts into a single rich incident, enabling significantly reduced noise, easier cross-functional handoff, and improved resolution times. Learn More

Noise Suppression

Prevent notification of non-actionable events, while still retaining data for forensic analysis.

Enrichment & Annotation

Enrich incidents with contextual insights and remediation instructions. Give responders access to all relevant alert context in one place, including graphs, images, runbook links, metadata, or conference call numbers.

Search & Filtering

Search and filter on normalized event data, for understanding context during response as well as learning from past incidents.

APIs & Programmability

Extend event management and incident management workflows with robust API support.

The Features You Need

PagerDuty’s Incident Resolution Platform cuts through noise and helps you resolve
incidents faster.

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