PagerDuty Event Intelligence

PagerDuty is the only platform that blends machine data with response context, providing you with the fastest path from signal to action. Powerful automation eliminates responder noise, configuration headaches, and other manual tasks, and predictive machine learning algorithms dynamically update and react to your constantly changing infrastructure and response behavior so that you can prevent outages before customers are affected.

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PagerDuty Event Intelligence

Manage the Chaos

Manage complex event workflows at scale to improve operational efficiency while ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

Context At Your Fingertips

Empower responders with contextual insights and resources to rapidly assess, prioritize, and respond to issues.

Predict and Prevent

Leverage data science alongside best practices from the world’s leading operations teams to see patterns, proactively address emerging issues, and reduce downtime.

Customer Love

"PagerDuty has really helped us reduce noise. Reducing false positives and identifying problems in order to address them before they become fires is really useful."

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Product Capabilities

Programmatically manage large volumes of event data from 200+ monitoring tools.

Intelligently automate routing, suppression, notification, and other behaviors based on event data, issue severity, support hours, and more.

Applied machine learning as well as rules-based approaches automatically group related issues into a single incident, reducing noise while centralizing critical context.

Prevent notification of non-actionable events, while still retaining data for forensic analysis.

See past related issues, automatically embedded within incidents via machine learning models, to better triage issues. Enrich incidents with contextual insights and remediation instructions, and search and filter past issues to understand what’s going on.

Extend event management and incident management workflows with robust API support.