Live Call Routing

live call routing

Reach On-Call Responders Immediately

Ensure incidents are received and resolved faster by enabling anyone to reach your on-call teams immediately to report incidents simply by calling a phone number. Inbound calls get routed via the same on-call schedules and escalation policies you use for your critical apps and services with PagerDuty, so anyone can reach the right responder immediately.

live call routing

Learn More About Live Call Routing

  • Real-Time Conversations

    Directly speak to the on-call staff by calling a number, bypassing the need to look up an on-call schedule and significantly reducing MTTA and MTTR.

  • Automatic Escalations

    Calls get forwarded via the same global on-call schedules and escalation rules you use for all your PagerDuty alerts, ensuring that a responder takes action on the issue.
  • Provision Global Numbers

    Easily provision international numbers via PagerDuty, and rest easy knowing that the on-call team can always be reached.
  • Trigger Incidents with a Call

    Customers and users can leave a voicemail that automatically becomes an incident. Recordings can be leveraged for incident resolution and support training.
  • Reach Specific Teams

    One number can connect to multiple services or teams–your customer can simply press a number for an extension to reach exactly who they’re looking for.