Our Decarbonization Roadmap

As part of PagerDuty’s decarbonization roadmap, we’ve identified the following areas to focus our reduction efforts considering our operations, size and growth rate. 


Scope 1 and 2

While we do not own any office buildings, we seek energy efficient and/or sustainability-certified spaces as part of our leasing criteria for new office spaces. We continue to right-size our offices around the world to accommodate modern work that reflects our hybrid work environment.

Third-Party Cloud Services Providers

Scope 3, category 1 (purchased goods and services)

We do not own or operate data centers, but instead we use third-party cloud providers. Our primary third-party cloud service provider has made a commitment to power its operations using 100% renewable energy by 2025, and several of our other cloud and software suppliers have made similar climate commitments. As we work toward our science-based targets, improving the emissions data and reducing the actual emissions associated with our third-party cloud service providers will be a significant focus of our efforts.

Other Value-Chain Emissions

Scope 3, category 1 (purchased goods and services)

We have developed a decarbonization roadmap that includes partnering with our key suppliers to collaborate on decarbonizing our joint activities. As a company with many relationships in the technology ecosystem, PagerDuty both contributes to, and realizes gains from, the overall effort to decarbonize our industry, especially the pursuit of greater renewable energy usage in cloud computing, data storage and software production. In parallel with the drive to decrease the footprint of computing are the efforts by many tech firms to enable emissions data sharing across all three scopes. PagerDuty participates in collaborative environments and consortia, such as the Business Council on Climate Change and the Clean Energy Energy Buyers Association (CEBA), to build the tech industry’s capacity to assess the footprint of its collective operations.

Business Travel

Scope 3, category 6 (business travel)

We are evaluating the impact of our distributed workforce on our business travel emissions as part of our decarbonization roadmap. As part of this, we are exploring ways to reduce business travel emissions while fostering a strong sense of company culture, belonging and collaboration.