Anodot Autonomous Analytics

Anodot Autonomous Analytics, a powerful self-service AI-based platform that eliminates business operations guesswork, is entirely self-service for analysts. Covering all business data and metrics, our platform immediately notifies you of any incident and correlates anomalies and metrics to find root cause faster. It also allows you to accurately forecast business behavior, so you can finally operate with confidence.

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Anodot Autonomous Analytics

Run Your Business Operations with Certainty

Use autonomous analytics to understand what’s happening with anomaly detection and RCA. It’s also necessary to forecast business trends to see if future KPIs are at risk.

Automatically Detect and Resolve Issues in Real-Time

Anodot uses 30 ML models and sends alerts with correlated anomalies for faster root cause resolution. Prevent unknown-unknown incidents from crashing your business.

Real-Time Operational Predictions to Stay on Track

Using our proven ML models as the analytics foundation, Anodot can forecast your operational metrics and alert you if they are at risk of missing their target.

About Anodot

Anodot applies AI to deliver autonomous analytics in real-time across all data types at enterprise scale. Anodot gives businesses control over their results with a self-service AI platform that eliminates blind spots, detect and resolve incidents and predict future needs. Customers include Microsoft, Lyft, Wix, Waze, Pandora and King.

Get your metrics into Anodot using any available incoming integration

Define the alerts you need, Anomaly, static threshold and no-data alerts

Define PagerDuty channels to receive the alerts, choose an existing PagerDuty service or define a new one

Once an alert is triggered, it is sent via the channel to the PagerDuty service as a new incident.

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