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Blue Matador is an Alert Automation Tool for Cloud and Kubernetes Environments

For time-strapped, agile tech teams, monitoring tools are too manual. Understanding baselines, fine-tuning thresholds, and examining visualizations for defects requires significant time and toil. But unlike all the other monitoring tools on the market, Blue Matador eliminates the need to manually configure alerts. In under an hour of onboarding, Blue Matador: ● Instantly discovers all of your resources ● Automatically creates hundreds of alerts out-of-the-box ● Proactively notifies you of critical production issues Blue Matador saves considerable time, eases anxiety, and helps agile teams deploy to their application with confidence.

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Blue Matador

About Blue Matador

We help DevOps professionals save time, be more productive and rest easier by automating the alerting of your Cloud infrastructures. We’ve felt the pain of scaling and managing Cloud infrastructures and are building a platform that we would have wanted.



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