Contrast Protect Integration for PagerDuty

Contrast Security’s Protect (RASP) embedded model allows security operation teams the ability to quickly identify real application layer threats and attacks with zero-day protection. PagerDuty focuses on mean time to resolution, minimizing the impact of cybersecurity threats and attacks on the business. When paired together, real-time application threat intelligence and real-time response management, can enable security operations and development teams to intelligently orchestrate effective measures that address the growing number of attacks and threats with better defense, code-level visibility and context, and faster times to resolution.

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About Contrast Security

Contrast is an essential foundation for modern DevOps, spanning every stage from development through to production with transparent, continuous application security software. Contrast’s instrumentation methodology allows you to leverage security data across the entire lifecycle, “Shift-Left” in development, QA and test, and “Extend-Right” through to production environments.



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