Automated Digital Operations Management and Response

Today’s business technology is marked by rapid product releases and personalized user experiences. But these developments bring with them an expanded threat landscape and new security hurdles to overcome. From an incident response standpoint, security and IT teams act in silos, leading to console-switching, repetitive manual actions, and a lack of visibility for incidents that require cross team coordination. DevSecOps also has a tough time reconciling traditional security measures with rapid and iterative agile development processes. To meet these challenges, Demisto integrates with PagerDuty to provide automated digital operations management and central incident oversight across security and IT teams.

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PagerDuty and Demisto Enterprise Integration

Accelerate Incident Response

Shorten the incident decision-making and response cycle by helping analyst prioritize incidents and by automating key tasks with analyst review.

Unify Workflows

Enrichment of PagerDuty data with intelligence from other security tools via Demisto’s orchestration to achieve unified context for cross-functional processes.

Collaborate in Real-Time

Coordinated incident oversight across security and IT teams Improves team efficiency with centralized collaboration, investigation, and documentation.

About Demisto, a Palo Alto Networks Company

Demisto, a Palo Alto Networks company, is the only Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) platform that combines security orchestration, incident management, and interactive investigation to serve security teams across the incident lifecycle. For more information, visit
Integration Features

Automate ingestion of PagerDuty events within Demisto for playbook-driven enrichment and response.

Submit and resolve PagerDuty events from within Demisto, either as an automated task or in real-time.

Get call schedules, users on call, contact methods, and notification details from PagerDuty within Demisto for improved incident oversight and cross-departmental coordination.

Leverage hundreds of Demisto product integrations to further enrich PagerDuty events and coordinate response across security and IT functions.

Run thousands of commands (including for PagerDuty) interactively via a ChatOps interface while collaborating with other analysts and Demisto’s chatbot.

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