Transparent Managed Security

Expel replaces what customers spend on MSSPs today with a new concept called transparent managed security. Instead of dumping a pile of alerts on you, we find attackers and give you the answers you need to kick them out using a combination of our Workbench and Expel analysts monitoring your environment 24x7. The net result? You measurably improve your security and can focus on managing risk rather than operating products and massaging alerts.

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Get Answers...Not Alerts

Expel acts as a force multiplier to your security team by surfacing the alerts that matter most and clearly explaining what you should do about them.

Improve Your Resilience, Without Alerts

Learn the root cause of events so you can fix them or even prevent them from happening in the first place.

Make Your Existing Tools Work Harder

Discover incidents your tools alert on but which get lost in the white noise because there aren’t enough people who know how to analyze or respond to them.

About Expel

Expel provides transparent managed security. It’s the antidote for companies trapped in failed relationships with their managed security service provider (MSSP) and those looking to avoid the frustration of working with one in the first place.

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