Alerts About Your Cloud Apps Delivered Your Way with PagerDuty

Get notified when alerts fire in Google Cloud through a channel you already use and trust, PagerDuty. Cloud Monitoring is used to create alerts on critical metrics and logs from a wide range of services in Google Cloud so your team can proactively deal with situations that arise. Your alerts can be delivered through multiple notification channels, which you manage within Cloud Monitoring as well. When PagerDuty is configured as a notification channel, incidents are automatically created when alerts from Google Cloud fire so your normal resolution workflow process can begin.

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Benefits of Google Cloud and PagerDuty Alert Integration

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Digital transformation is more than “lifting and shifting” old IT infrastructure to the cloud for cost saving and convenience. True transformation spans the entire business and enables every person to transform. We deeply understand today's technology requirements and the need to continuously innovate. That's why organizations choose Google Cloud.



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