Improve Reliability and Reduce Alert Fatigue with Gremlin and PagerDuty

Microservices and DevOps allow for rapid innovation and continuous improvement. However, these new approaches exponentially increase the complexity of systems. This means critical applications are failing today, causing financial loss, customer dissatisfaction, and employee burnout. As traditional quality assurance struggles to keep up with this complexity, innovative organizations have embraced controlled Chaos Engineering to proactively test for failure. With Gremlin and PagerDuty, you can safely run and automate real-world failure scenarios to build confidence that complex distributed systems will deliver an uninterrupted customer experience.

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Benefits of Gremlin and PagerDuty Integration

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Gremlin is a comprehensive platform that helps you safely, securely, and simply build reliable software through Chaos Engineering. Prove your system can withstand common scenarios that impact performance and uptime.


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