Honeycomb and PagerDuty - Faster Incident Management together

Honeycomb is the leading observability platform used by high-performance engineering teams to quickly visualize, analyze, debug, and improve cloud application performance. By providing fast answers, Honeycomb helps teams deliver high-quality code, maintain reliability across all environments, and save precious time. Together with PagerDuty, we make it possible to go from alert, to prioritization, to debugging, to resolution; making incident management faster and more effective.

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Honeycomb gives high-performance engineering teams the observability they need to quickly understand how their code behaves in unpredictable and complex cloud environments and how that impacts real users. HelloFresh, Slack, Vanguard, Heroku, CircleCI, and LaunchDarkly rely on Honeycomb for fast incident response, performance optimization, and to safely accelerate release cycles.


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