Monitor Any Infrastructure and Any Application

Icinga is an open source monitoring stack that checks your entire infrastructure and applications. It gives you a detailed insight about the current state of your environment and sends alerts through various channels. The powerful DSL allows you to automate tasks and write and maintain your monitoring configuration as code.

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Monitoring as Code

Use our object-based configuration or provision your monitoring code through the REST API.

Scale and Secure

Monitor infrastructures of all sizes with the integrated cluster system secured by SSL.

Integrate and Extend

Integrate with many popular DevOps tools and extend Icinga to meet your needs.

About Icinga

Icinga as a company focuses on building monitoring products used by operators and developers, in small environments as well as in large scale deployments.

Send all alerts generated by Icinga to PagerDuty

Send recoveries of alerts to PagerDuty

Enrich events with definable data, adapted to your own needs

Easy integration through Icinga’s NotificationCommand mechanism

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