The Blazing-fast SaaS Control Plane for Fully-Managed Infrastructure Cloud Services.

JovianX, the control plane for SaaS products, supports integration with PagerDuty, to automatically create and trigger production incidents within PagerDuty for your managed cloud-native services, and automatically mark resolved incidents when they are resolved. With the JovianX Automation feature you can now trigger external cloud services on events happening for your products managed within JovianX, and send data from JovianX back to the service - for end to end incident management in one platform. With full visibility within your JovianX console, you can quickly manage incidents and prevent downtime, for business continuity and customer satisfaction.

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Benefits of JovianX and PagerDuty Integration

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JovianX is built for companies that are looking to start a new cloud business or create a cloud version of an existing software product, by delivering a control plane for SaaS products. The JovianX platform streamlines the process of building new cloud-native SaaS offerings and managed services, providing a centralized SaaS management console. The platform provides everything needed to build and run a SaaS product, including Subscription Management, Multi-Tenancy, Customer On-Boarding Management, Billing, Monitoring, and more.


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