Load Testing & Performance Monitoring for Web Apps

Your site has a breaking point. Loadster will find it before your users do. Don’t wait to find out about performance problems after your site crashes in production! With Loadster, you can simulate high traffic events ahead of time. Create realistic test scripts, and load test your site with real traffic from thousands of virtual users, to improve performance, optimize costs, and prevent crashes. Then, run those same scripts on a schedule, 24x7x365, to monitor your site and immediately detect any bugs or downtime. That’s where PagerDuty comes in. When Loadster’s monitors detect an incident with your site or API, PagerDuty will route the incident to the right person on your team to fix it.

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About Loadster

Loadster makes the testing tools you need to build fast, scalable, and reliable web applications. Load testing gives you confidence that your site can handle peak traffic, so it doesn’t crash at the worst possible time. Performance monitoring, with help from PagerDuty, ensures the right person on your team can acknowledge and respond to incidents for a speedy resolution.


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