Automate data monitoring and observability with Monte Carlo and Pagerduty

Monte Carlo’s data observability platform automates monitoring and anomaly detection for your data pipelines, protecting against issues related to data freshness, volume, distribution or schema. By coupling proactive alerting with end-to-end observability, data teams get alerted to data issues as soon as they happen. Monte Carlo enables teams to assess the downstream business impact and work quickly to resolve these issues. Use PagerDuty with Monte Carlo to alert on-call responders as soon as data issues arise in order to prevent Data Downtime.

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Benefits of Monte Carlo and PagerDuty Integration

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Monte Carlo was founded to help organizations deliver on the promise of data. We’re committed to making data reliable. We’re committed to making the lives of our customers easier. And we’re committed to working with the broader data community to realize the full potential of data.


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