Uptime Monitoring for Websites and Services

NodePing provides reliable and accurate uptime monitoring that won’t put a strain on your budget.

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Reliable Monitoring

Thousands of businesses trust NodePing for their critical services monitoring. Our diverse probe locations and networks provide exceptional service.

Accurate Results

Say goodbye to false down alerts. NodePing verifies every ‘down’ result on multiple probe servers to ensure you only receive actionable alerts.

Internal & External Monitoring

Use NodePing to monitor Internet-facing services as well as servers and services behind your firewalls using our PUSH checks.

About NodePing

NodePing offers fast and reliable uptime monitoring at an affordable price.

Unlimited PagerDuty contacts for even the most complicated on-call scheduling

Receive event information when NodePing checks fail and when they recover

Delayed notifications help you tune when PagerDuty receives event info

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