Log Management for Modern Architecture and Development Practices

Scalyr, the world’s fastest log management solution, is built for modern development practices like microservices and containers. Scalyr brings an unmatched speed and ease of use to an incredibly powerful server monitoring tool. With Scalyr, you can set rapid alerts through customizable metrics/dashboards, search data fast (1.5 TB/sec to be exact) and aggregate all your logs to allow all teams to identify and resolve problems faster. Supporting all types of log data, Scalyr makes it easy to start with the agent, plugins and integrations, and the Scalyr API.

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Fastest Way to Identify and Resolve Problems

Blazing-fast log search. Ingest logs and alert on them in real time. Perform split-second queries and visualizations, even at scale.

Keeping It Simple with No Learning Curves

Use regex or point and click to query, pivot, or visualize your data. No need for keyword indexing or cryptic query languages.

Scale Without Limits or Penalties

Scalyr doesn’t limit the volume of data nor limit the use to a few select people. Query as needed across individuals, teams or the company.

About Scalyr

Scalyr is the company providing blazing-fast log management and increased observability. With log search speeds of 1.5TB/second, Scalyr is architected for modern development techniques and practices. With Scalyr, engineers get answers fast, keep things simple, and scale without limits. Its customer base includes NBCUniversal, Business Insider, CareerBuilder, Grab, and Zalando.

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