Trigger and Resolve PagerDuty Incidents with Sensu

The Sensu Go PagerDuty handler is a Sensu event handler that manages PagerDuty incidents, enabling you to alert operators when needed. With this handler, Sensu can trigger and resolve PagerDuty incidents, keeping your team up to date on events as they happen. The Sensu Go PagerDuty handler exists as an asset definition on Bonsai, the Sensu asset index, which makes it easy to discover, download, and share solutions around Sensu. Head to to download the latest version of the Sensu Go PagerDuty handler.

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Sensu Go PagerDuty Handler

Automated Discovery & De-registration

Dynamically scale multi-cloud and ephemeral, container-based infrastructure without generating false positives.

Service Health Checks & Telemetry Data

Sensu can monitor application and system services, detecting those in an unhealthy state. Collect events and metrics.

Alerts & Incident Management

Create and resolve incidents as they happen. Using PagerDuty, Sensu notifies your team about events before your customers do.

About Sensu

Sensu is the future-proof solution for multi-cloud monitoring at scale. The Sensu monitoring event pipeline empowers businesses to automate their monitoring workflows and gain deep visibility into their multi-cloud environments, from Kubernetes to bare metal. For more information, follow @sensu on Twitter or visit
Integration Features

Create and resolve PagerDuty incidents with Sensu, alerting operators in real time.

Make PagerDuty notifications part of custom and complex automation workflows, customized to your needs.

The PagerDuty handler is also ideal in multi-tenant Managed Service Provider (MSP) environments.

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