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Signal Sciences secures the most important web applications, APIs, and microservices of the world's leading companies. Our next-gen WAF and RASP help you increase security and maintain site reliability without sacrificing velocity, all at the lowest total cost of ownership. Learn how our patented approach can help you.

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Signal Sciences


Empower all teams with intuitive dashboards and integrations that show insights and attack details.


Provide reliable blocking decisions across OWASP Top 10, ATO, feature abuse, and more.


Run anywhere with the lowest TCO, no signatures to manage, and no impact on performance.

About Signal Sciences

Signal Sciences award-winning next-gen WAF and RASP solution protects over 10,000 applications and over a trillion production requests per month with a patented architecture that provides organizations working in a modern development environment with comprehensive and scalable threat protection and security visibility.  
Visibility for Success

Security teams should create visibility within their organizations by sharing incident data and notifications with development and operations counterparts.

Integrate With Your Incident Response Flow

Alert your team when an IP is flagged as malicious. We currently support several tools that enable the broadcast of event notifications, including PagerDuty.

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