IT Incident & Disruption Communication Tool

Reduce downtime impact and establish efficient and flexible communication with your customers and your team during incidents and maintenance events

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Real-time Incident Communication

Reduce downtime impact with automated communication, and get systems back online with less stress - for incident team and DevOps team

Reduce Customer Service Workload

Ease strain on your support team from emails, calls, and social media backlash during unannounced service outages - for helpdesk / support team

Build Company Reputation and Trust

Improve customer relationships with transparent incident management processes, and demonstrate reliability and availability to potential customers. - for business owners

About StatusHub

StatusHub is a SaaS which is headquartered in Cork, Ireland. Our software and engineering team is based in Krakow, Poland and our business team is in Lisbon, Portugal. The company serves businesses from industries such as: computer software, banking and financial, education as well as many online start ups. Key customers include McKesson, Citrix, Fannie Mae, Concur.
Integration Features

PagerDuty integration is done through a URL with a service token, it’s a one-to-many association

The PagerDuty integration can only create incidents in StatusHub

Only one service status can be changed in response to PagerDuty webhook

The StatusHub incident status will always display as “investigating” and “resolved” when a PagerDuty incident is triggered and resolved, respectively

A “Yellow” (performance issues) StatusHub status is not possible with this integration. Only “Red” (service disruption) and “Green” (service is operating normally) options will be relevant

The incident title will be “[PagerDuty] Alert” and, currently, can not be customized; The incident body will be taken from the “subject” key from “trigger_summary_data”, which consists of the incident details. Example body: “CPU Load High on xdb_production_echo.”.

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