Automate Monitoring and Alerting with Sumo Logic and PagerDuty

Sumo Logic provides rich query and aggregation capabilities for analyzing vast amounts of log data, helping you to more rapidly troubleshoot critical infrastructure failures and complex application issues. Sumo Logic can be setup to trigger notifications in PagerDuty using scheduled searches, so you can uncover and solve issues faster. Sumo Logic can also be configured to monitor your PagerDuty account with pre-configured dashboards and searches that allow you to monitor alerts and incidents by sources, users, status, policies, urgency, priority and more.

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Sumo Logic

Beat Alert Fatigue

Send alerts on incidents and anomalies to the right place, cutting down on the clutter.

Automate Monitoring

With pre-configured Sumo Logic dashboards and targeted alerts that cut through the clutter and help prioritize IT efforts.

Solve Issues Faster

Create alerts in PagerDuty automatically via Sumo Logic scheduled searches.

About Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic is a cloud-native machine data (logs and metrics) analytics service, which provides IT Operations, DevOps and Engineering teams real-time insights into modern application operations to enable faster identification and troubleshooting of application and infrastructure performance and availability issues.
Integration Features

PagerDuty Webhook connection in Sumo Logic to allow scheduled searches to send notifications

Sumo Logic application for PagerDuty with pre-configured dashboards and alerts

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