Secure your Cloud and Containers

With Sysdig and PagerDuty, DevOps and security teams more effectively detect and respond to threats and anomalies across containers, Kubernetes, and cloud. Sysdig gives you real-time visibility at scale to address the security, health, and performance of your workloads. By providing a single view of risk across cloud-native environments from source to run, Sysdig helps teams prioritize and address what matters. The Sysdig platform is built on open standards, including Falco, the open source standard for cloud-native threat detection. Sysdig integrates with PagerDuty to centralize critical event alerts and accelerate incident response.

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Benefits of Sysdig and PagerDuty Integration

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Sysdig is driving the standard for cloud and container security. With Sysdig, teams find and prioritize software vulnerabilities, detect and respond to threats, and manage configurations, permissions and compliance. Customers get a single view of risk from source to run, with no blind spots, no guesswork, no wasted time.


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