Responding to Incidents is Easier Than Ever

The Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform combines powerful detection and assessment technologies to monitor your cloud, hybrid-cloud, or multi-cloud environment. To start sending events up to the Cloud Security Platform in near real time, simply install a lightweight agent on each virtual host or in a container managed by container solution, or automate the process via orchestration tools like Kubernetes. Once deployed, Threat Stack will alert you of any risky or anomalous behavior. If you’re running on AWS, we also integrate with your AWS accounts to monitor your CloudTrail and configurations for suspicious activity or insecure settings.

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Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform

Reduce the Risk of Breach

Threat Stack provides the ability to significantly reduce your Mean Time to Know (MTTK) in order to bootstrap incident response for cloud environments.

Ensure Compliance

Threat Stack provides companies the ability to meet the compliance needs of customers, investors, industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Enable Innovation Without Sacrificing Security

Threat Stack enables security for the business by deploying optimally without being a decelerator to the process, products or culture.

About Threat Stack

Threat Stack enables DevOps and SecOps teams to innovate and scale securely, meeting complex cloud security needs by identifying and verifying insider threats, external attacks, and compliance gaps in real time. Purpose-built for today’s infrastructure, the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform® and Cloud SecOps Program℠ combine continuous security monitoring and risk assessment to empower better incident and compliance management.

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