Uptime and Performance Monitoring Made Easy

Uptime monitors websites' availability and performance, providing valuable, real-time insights on site infrastructure. Uptime Monitoring ● Page Speed Monitoring ● Transaction Monitoring ● Real User Monitoring (RUM) ● Domain Health Monitoring ● Alert System

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Uptime Monitoring

Highly Reliable, Enterprise-Grade Monitoring for Downtime Incidents

Get alerts when your site is unavailable. Resolve problems quickly before they impact user experience and minimize downtime.

Intuitive Solutions for Enterprise & SMBs

Get customizable alerts in PagerDuty’s Platform with an easy to use API. Uptime’s out-of-the-box integration is compatible for companies of all sizes

Gain Valuable Insights

Capture data on every element of your website and how users interact with your site. Optimize to improve functionality, uptime and page load time

About Uptime.com

Uptime.com monitors enterprise & SMB customer websites’ availability and performance at one-minute intervals from probe servers across six continents. Customers receive critical insights on their site infrastructure and make data-driven optimizations to improve end-user experience. Uptime.com offers 16 types of checks to monitor website and mobile app uptime & performance.
Integration Features

Through a seamless API integration, schedule customizable alerts from your Uptime account.

Uptime can alert by phone, SMS and email to notify you on outages, escalations or resolved incidents.

Easily set up the integration by configuring alerts in the Uptime platform and setting up the API within PagerDuty.

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