Cloud Monitoring & Analytics SaaS-based Platform

Wavefront by VMware is a hosted metric monitoring-as-a-service for cloud native application and infrastructure. With over 200 supported integrations, it gathers telemetry across your entire stack into a unified metrics store. Coupled with the industry’s most advanced query analytics, Wavefront renders visualizations for intelligent alerting, rapid anomaly detection, and accurate trending.

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Wavefront by VMware

Real-time Visibility of the Full Production Stack

Complete monitoring and analytics for your applications, containers, cloud services, serverless, and infrastructure.

Depended on by Ops teams. Loved by Dev teams

Set alerts that matter, tuned by advanced analytics. Fix issues faster with automated anomaly detection. See full system health with rich dashboards.

The Only Metrics Platform that’s Enterprise-class

For SaaS and digital enterprise leaders requiring our industry leading scale, performance, reliability, and security.

About Wavefront

Wavefront is a business unit of VMware, a global leader in cloud services, cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technology, accelerating digital transformation for evolving IT environments. VMware makes it easier for SaaS and digital enterprises to manage services on multiple cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.
Alert notifications

Send Wavefront alert notifications to PagerDuty API keys or email addresses, for incidents to be created in PagerDuty

API integration

Choose a PagerDuty API integration key target for all Wavefront alert changes (firing, updated, resolved) are tied to a single incident in PagerDuty

Email integration

Choose a PagerDuty email address to customize email management configuration and determine whether Wavefront alert changes create separate incidents in PagerDuty.

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