WombatOAM is an Operations and Maintenance Tool for Erlang Systems

WombatOAM provides complete visibility over systems running on the BEAM VM; from proprietary applications to open source ones such as Phoenix, Elixir, Riak KV, RabbitMQ or MongooseIM. WombatOAM works as a stand-alone product or integrated into existing OAM infrastructures. It is easy to install and makes minimal demands on your system resources. Plot both historic and live metrics on the dashboards. Watch your system's performance and logs in real time and diagnose issues with your nodes or clusters directly from the Web Dashboard.

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About Erlang Solutions

Erlang Solutions is a tech company building trusted, fault-tolerant systems that can scale to billions of users. We offer world-leading consultancy in Erlang and Elixir - open source programming languages. Our portfolio of clients includes WhatsApp, Klarna, Pivotal, Motorola, Toyota Connected and Ericsson, to mention a few.



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