Advanced Notification of Your Monitoring Now Made Easier and More Trustable

In the era of growing competition in the digital space, your capability to adjust the velocity becomes essential. An ability to oversee all processes and react to them efficiently and timely is key to being the best performer. Zabbix and PagerDuty integration help you stay on track of all monitoring activities and resolve each issue in the shortest possible way. Get all your monitoring needs covered with Zabbix and configure smart notifications that will be synchronized with PagerDuty. The alerts can be automatically grouped into incidents, which then will be updated and/or resolved as soon as the new data is received. You can set your own thresholds to determine the most dangerous and less significant alerts. Be the owner of your own time and urgency levels.

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About Zabbix

Zabbix is quickly becoming the standard of IT monitoring that covers the entire IT infrastructure stack. Zabbix monitoring solution is designed to be scalable to any size, ready to deploy in the cloud or on-premise and is flexible in the means of data gathering. Zabbix monitoring solution is 100% open-source, backed by a dedicated team of developers. Each feature is tested in a secure environment and each line of code is reviewed in-house.


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