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PagerDuty Launches Event Intelligence to Extend Its Market-Leading Digital Operations Management Platform

Industry-first SaaS product combines real-time data, human response data and machine learning to improve digital operations

SAN FRANCISCO – June 7, 2018 – PagerDuty today announced PagerDuty Event Intelligence, a new product that builds on its market-leading digital operations management platform. Event Intelligence analyzes both incoming digital signals and human response patterns (such as when and how alerts are resolved by responders) and uses automation to identify issues quickly, enabling teams to take action on critical software issues and opportunities.

Event Intelligence is designed for teams across the enterprise responsible for software, infrastructure, security, customer support and marketing. By automating real-time analysis with machine learning, Event Intelligence helps companies improve customer experiences, increase productivity, reduce risk (e.g., OpEx overruns) and create more time for innovation.

“We see Event Intelligence as a critical piece of our long-term strategy, moving more intelligence and automation into PagerDuty and increasing the number of issues we can handle without human intervention,” said Mike Makar, senior IT manager at World Bank Group. “This has a large impact on helping us solve more problems and freeing up time for our resources.”

Event Intelligence also improves the lives of responders by reducing noise, automating painful manual activities, and delivering full context of digital issues in real time to speed resolution.

“PagerDuty Event Intelligence just works,” said Andrew Percher, e-commerce technical webmaster, site operations at Macy's, Inc. “Instead of training specialized admins to manage complicated rules, we rely on PagerDuty to automatically correlate and reduce noise for us. Automating manual work with machine learning is the future for an efficient team and successful business.”

Today, businesses operate with an always-on digital approach and are consumed with managing large batches of real-time data originating from multiple channels. Operations teams are expected to manage and make sense of all collected data at a rapid rate. According to PagerDuty data1 over the past three years, there has been a 300 percent increase in digital signals per user. Customers using Event Intelligence experience a 98 percent reduction in noise.

“To deliver top-notch customer experiences, businesses have to embrace real-time, intelligent workflows. However, with today’s complex architectures, this is easier said than done because these systems produce an unmanageable volume of events and data, impacting a team’s ability to take action across an entire business service,” said Nancy Gohring, senior analyst, 451 Research. “Solutions that bring together event data, human response data and machine learning to improve digital operations can help solve some of the problems that emerge in today’s complex service architectures.”

“PagerDuty Event Intelligence is a breakthrough innovation for teams managing and relying on digital operations to conduct business,” said Jennifer Tejada, CEO of PagerDuty. “It is the first and only solution to combine machine learning with people and team orchestration to automate problem and opportunity detection as well as resolution. Event Intelligence separates the actionable signals from the noise to help teams become more agile and scale operations.”

PagerDuty currently integrates out of the box with an ecosystem of over 250 solutions for monitoring, ticketing, threat detection and more. The platform for action offers open APIs that allow teams to integrate signals and services from all critical sources.

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1Source: PagerDuty data

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