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PagerDuty Advances Automation and AIOps Capabilities to Lower Costs for Developer and IT Teams and Drive Digital Acceleration

New Releases in Dynamic Service Directory, Business Response and Intelligent Triage strengthen PagerDuty’s position at the center of the digital ecosystem  

SAN FRANCISCO – May 26, 2020 – PagerDuty, Inc. (NYSE:PD), a global leader in digital operations management, today announced new automation and intelligence capabilities in its Dynamic Service Directory, Business Response and Intelligent Triage solutions, to help teams reduce manual work, prevent outages and improve remote collaboration.

“The impact of the pandemic has required companies to pivot overnight, reducing labor and IT costs while still serving their customers’ growing digital needs, and working entirely remotely,” said Jonathan Rende, Senior Vice President of Product at PagerDuty. “In this type of environment, traditional manual workflows fail. Our enhanced platform was built in the cloud for real-time, critical work. With these new enhancements, it is even better equipped to help companies efficiently accelerate their digital transformation.”

Sunil Madan, Corporate CIO at Zoom Video Communications, explains how his company is using PagerDuty, to meet soaring customer demand: “PagerDuty has played an instrumental role in keeping us ‘always on’ - it not only alerts us in real-time about any potential incidents, it provides the context our teams need to prioritize and solve problems, and it automates the process of bringing together only the right people. This has made our teams so efficient and effective that we've actually improved our time to resolve incidents.”

Today’s advances in the PagerDuty platform are designed to equip teams with proactive response capabilities to prevent outages, and gain predictive insights so they can automate repetitive work and improve collaboration across virtual teams:

Intelligent Triage
The general release of Intelligent Triage, now available on mobile, advances PagerDuty’s AIOps solution, Event Intelligence, by providing new automation and intelligence to eliminate repetitive manual tasks. Intelligent Triage aggregates signals from more than 375 of the most popular monitoring, observability and ticketing tools. This gives organizations the ability to group related alerts and elevate those that will impact the business, while applying contextual data from past incidents so that IT teams can reduce resolution time from an average of 80 minutes to as little as five1.

Dynamic Service Directory
Unlike competitive products that are static, PagerDuty’s dynamic Service Directory was built to handle the complexities of microservices environments, which are evolving every second. It gives developer teams access to a central knowledge base that's always up-to-date, and clearly shows owners and experts for each service and their associated run books. This means Network Operations Teams can address issues faster by orchestrating small, effective groups of experts who know exactly how to resolve any given incident. This approach removes the slow downs associated with manual command and control work flows, which typically result in a lot of people spinning cycles in reactive mode.

“Democratizing service information supports a more collaborative and fun engineering culture as well as faster product development for our customers” said Peg Mickelson, Director of Engineering, Merrill Corporation. “PagerDuty’s platform provides an easy-to-use and dynamic single source of truth on the performance of our microservices and the teams who own them, which helps drive our culture and success.” 

Business Response
PagerDuty’s Business Response capability, now with a new mobile status dashboard, allows remote teams, with varying priorities, to collaborate effectively when incidents arise. Irrespective of how many internal stakeholders an incident has, or where these people are located, Business Response gives everyone real-time visibility into incident progress. It protects IT responder teams from being disrupted for status updates, while automating and scaling appropriate, effective commercial responses such as customer or media communication.

With digital acceleration sitting at the center of business priorities, IT incidents are now an executive-level concern. Reducing the costs and time burden associated with problem resolution is now paramount, and Business Response makes it possible to effectively communicate and coordinate action across the organization.

Out-of-the-box integration with Slack and a new integration with Microsoft Teams allows teams to work where they prefer, which aids in collaboration and communication success.

“When incidents occur, we want stakeholder updates to be seamlessly curated and published as part of the response process” said Mikael Hedberg, CTO, Apsis International AB. “PagerDuty allows us to replace multiple channels of ad-hoc communications, keeping business users automatically informed without having to disrupt the team resolving the actual issue”.

All the latest updates and advancements to the PagerDuty platform can be reviewed here. Learn more by joining PagerDuty’s product keynote webinar with CEO, Jennifer Tejada and VP Product Strategy, Rachel Obstler.

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1. Benchmarking Operational Maturity for Your Digital Business, IDG, November 2018.

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