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PagerDuty Strengthens Board of Directors with Appointment of  University of Michigan Dean of Engineering, Dr. Alec D. Gallimore

SAN FRANCISCO – November 30, 2020 – PagerDuty, Inc. (NYSE:PD), a global leader in digital operations management, today announced that Dr. Alec D. Gallimore has joined its Board of Directors. Dr. Gallimore brings over 35 years of experience in world-leading engineering innovation, research, and leadership to the PagerDuty team.

Dr. Gallimore is a renowned rocket scientist, who was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 2019. Appointed Dean of Engineering at the University of Michigan in 2016, he also co-founded MCubed, a real-time seed-funding program for high-risk, multidisciplinary research. Dr. Gallimore has served on several advisory boards for NASA and the Department of Defense, including the United States Air Force Scientific Advisory Board (AFSAB); he currently sits on the Board of Directors and Audit Committee for ANSYS, Inc. (NASDAQ:ANSS), and on the Board of Trustees for the Institute of Defense Analyses (a not-for-profit entity).

“Every day, Alec shapes how the next generation of engineers are educated and prepared to transform the world. This experience, coupled with his deep understanding of the role engineering plays in bringing innovative products to market, make him an exciting addition to our Board,” said Jennifer Tejada, PagerDuty CEO. “We’ve intentionally built a balanced Board that brings diversity of thought, representation, and experience to PagerDuty and our customers. Alec’s commitment to diversity and equity reinforce our ongoing efforts to improve representation and equal opportunity in the tech industry and beyond in order to bring the best products to market to solve our customers’ biggest challenges.”

Dr. Gallimore has been a University of Michigan faculty member since 1992; he is the founder and director of the Plasmadynamics and Electric Propulsion Laboratory. He serves on the Advisory Boards of several of the country’s leading academic institutions, including Georgia Tech, the University of Colorado, Case Western Reserve University, Cornell, and is on the Board of Directors for the Engineering Society of Detroit. He has extensive design and testing experience with a number of electric propulsion devices, and is the co-owner of ElectroDynamic Applications, which develops new applications and products for plasma-based technology.

“PagerDuty is a high-growth, innovative company and I’m proud to join this talented group of Board members. The company’s commitment to innovation and pushing boundaries matches my own desire to develop intellectually curious and socially-conscious minds,” said Dr. Gallimore. “I firmly believe that interdisciplinary knowledge-sharing and collaboration are critical to innovation, and I look forward to joining Jennifer and her team as PagerDuty accelerates its growth.”

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