Crash Override Selects PagerDuty for Critical Nonprofit Use Case

Operations Performance Management Platform Enables Crash Override to Expedite Help to Victims of Online Abuse

San Francisco – May 19, 2015 — PagerDuty, the leader in operations performance management, announced that Crash Override, an anti-online-hate task force, will use the PagerDuty platform to connect victim’s with on-call volunteers and experts for emergency situations and to assist victims who may need immediate assistance. Crash Override’s use of PagerDuty demonstrates the broad application and need for software that enables faster and more efficient response.

“Although Crash Override focuses on combating online harassment and abuse, we saw how IT and Operations teams use PagerDuty, and realized that we encounter similar emergencies that require similar active responses from a dispersed, global network of knowledgeable agents,” said Alex Lifschitz, Co-Founder of Crash Override. “We frequently encounter victims being targeted by sustained and active harassment campaigns, and in dire cases, they require immediate triage and defensive advice. PagerDuty helps the right people in our network attend to these emergencies right away, and we especially like the way it integrates with monitoring and chat software that is part of our critical communication workflow.”

Founded in January, Crash Override has a volunteer network of experts in information security, white hat hacking, public relations, law enforcement, legal, threat monitoring and counseling. The organization was founded by Lifschitz and his partner Zoe Quinn, an independent video game developer and victim of online abuse most notably in Gamergate, and both were recently recognized on Fast Company’s list of the “Most Creative People of 2015” for their work on Crash Override.

“PagerDuty currently helps more than 50 nonprofits significantly reduce incident resolution time and improve the lives of whomever they’re supporting - from tech networks and education to medical research and grant-giving,” said PagerDuty CTO, Andrew Miklas. “We’re honored to partner with Crash Override for the unique application of our platform to help those in need.”

About PagerDuty

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About Crash Override

Founded and led by Zoe Quinn and Alex Lifschitz, Crash Override is a support network and assistance group for victims and targets of unique forms of online harassment, composed entirely of experienced survivors. The network includes experts in information security, white hat hacking, PR, law enforcement, legal, threat monitoring, and counseling. Most, if not all, agents are former clients. Prior to formal launch, trial runs has great success in helping victims lock down their information, prevent SWATing attempts, and feel like they were back in control of their online life.