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PagerDuty responds to European customer growth with regional data solution

SAN FRANCISCO –  March 17, 2021, PagerDuty (NYSE:PD), a global leader in digital operations management, today announced plans to offer customers a new European hosting option for data assets, including customer-generated data, based on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

PagerDuty helps companies manage time sensitive mission critical work and keep digital services always on. It enables teams who build and run digital systems to detect, diagnose and resolve issues fast – using machine learning to pinpoint problems and automate action. Customers include over 60% of the Fortune 100 and the likes of Vodafone, SAP, The Telegraph Group, GE, Cisco and Zoom.

“SAP is dedicated to maintaining an always-on cloud infrastructure for our customers. PagerDuty’s innovative and agile approach to incident management has helped make this possible by reducing response and resolution times for our Cloud operations teams,” said Elamurian Rajagopal, head of service desk and network operations center at SAP. “We are excited by this new data center option as it adds yet another layer of regional support to PagerDuty’s service offering.”

European customers using PagerDuty’s European data hosting will be able to achieve the same high levels of reliability they have come to expect of PagerDuty’s leading enterprise class platform and reduce any potential data latency issues.

“PagerDuty has significantly improved the way we manage our SRE/Support & Operations activities,” said Lucian Craciun, head of technology at The Telegraph. “With aspects of the service now being offered directly from a European location, we are pleased to see continued investment in making this critical service more resilient, robust and performant."

PagerDuty’s regional data hosting option enables its growing European customer base, including those in highly regulated markets such as financial services, public sector, and healthcare, as well as Managed Service Providers, to meet the growing demand for PagerDuty’s solutions across the region.

Sean Scott, chief product officer at PagerDuty comments, “We take data protection very seriously and work with all our customers in the EU and throughout the world to address their needs and concerns while also complying with local policy such as a GDPR. PagerDuty has set the bar consistently high when it comes to service reliability, redundancy and availability with service level agreements, no maintenance windows and three nines availability. This will be no different for EU users who can continue to deliver their customers a perfect experience every time.”

PagerDuty handles the critical work of keeping digital services running perfectly, in a time when digital is the forefront of how companies serve their customers.

“In today’s world, the need for resilient cloud-based geographic capacity is of great importance,” said Roy Illsley, chief analyst cloud and data center at Omdia. “PagerDuty’s European data center expansion plan will enable it to meet these needs and deliver a better customer experience. Omdia has seen an increase in demand for cloud-based services as organizations recognize that to meet the new velocity of business change its technology must be both agile and flexible.”

PagerDuty expects regional services to be available to new customers from the second half of 2021 onwards.

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