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New PagerDuty Capabilities Enable Organizations to Embrace Modern Approach to Digital Operations

Powerful integrated Runbook automation, AIOps features for managing change, and a new plan for customer service teams combine to deliver real-time operations across digital businesses

SAN FRANCISCO - June 22, 2021 - PagerDuty, Inc. (NYSE:PD), a global leader in digital operations management, today announced new capabilities to help teams manage the time sensitive, mission critical work that is key to business success. These new solutions reduce toil, speed up response time with automation, tackle change impacts and identify incidents with AIOps, and build on existing real-time case management features for customer service operations teams. Along with those announcements, PagerDuty announced two new add-on products, Runbook Actions and a new plan for customer service operations.

"Modern digital operations are critical to an organization’s ability to provide perfect customer experiences," said Sean Scott, chief product officer at PagerDuty. “Digital operations management is more than just incident response, it’s about empowering teams with automation capabilities that enable the flexibility, visibility and accountability to manage all urgent work across the enterprise. The capabilities we’re announcing today deliver on PagerDuty's vision to equip teams with full-service ownership."

New PagerDuty Runbook Actions: Reduces toil, escalations, and response time with automation

PagerDuty Runbook Actions provides diagnostic and remediation automation to incident responders so they can quickly resolve incidents safely and securely from within the PagerDuty interface. With Runbook Actions, incidents are resolved quicker, and subject matter experts avoid the disruption of frequent escalations. PagerDuty Runbook Actions will be generally available this fall.

"Customers are increasingly looking for runbook automation capabilities that span a broad set of disciplines such as DevOps," said Stephen Elliot, program vice president, management software and DevOps, at IDC. "As CIOs and CEOs are continuing to make DevOps investments a priority, now is the time for people to focus on automating DevOps tasks and processes to ensure such investments are maximized."

New: PagerDuty for Customer Service Teams: Business Plan: Speeds up enterprise-wide response by enabling customer service operations

PagerDuty’s new advanced plan for customer service teams was announced for teams to get more proactive and solve customer issues faster. With this new plan, customer service teams in Zendesk and other major customer service solutions will get real-time status updates of critical customer impacting issues and be empowered to immediately drive action, and engage with experts across the organization to accelerate resolution time and improve customer satisfaction. This new plan includes a round-robin scheduling tool that helps resource-strapped customer service teams optimize organizational resources to support the digital-first customer experience.

New PagerDuty Service Graph: Aligns entire organizations with full service ownership across people and technology

PagerDuty is also announcing a capability that will empower organizations to visualize complex and rapidly changing service dependencies. The PagerDuty Service Graph will assist organizations adopting full service ownership by providing a real time view across its people and technology. Service Graph enables PagerDuty users to instantly discover, map, and visualize business and technical service dependencies and serve as a real time source of truth for downstream, real time systems. Now users can view the health of their services at a glance or assess the impact radius of an incident and zero in on probable cause. This feature will be available to all PagerDuty users later this summer.

“Service Graph could help us quickly understand the state of our complex system; improving our ability to understand our customers' experience and helping us more quickly remediate an issue,” said Andy Domeier, sr. director, technology, at SPS Commerce.

New AIOps Change and Incident Intelligence: To streamline the process of identifying and better understanding an incident's root cause, PagerDuty added two additional innovations that enhance PagerDuty's AIOps Event Intelligence capabilities for operations teams:

  • Change Correlation: Finding the exact changes associated with an incident is critical. PagerDuty has announced new AIOps-powered algorithms to determine which changes are most likely connected to the incident, helping teams identify the root cause faster.
  • Outlier Incident: Understanding if an incident is unique or frequently recurring, can help teams identify systematic issues and help target their automation efforts. Outlier Incident's AIOps-powered analysis of historical incidents helps teams identify both of these scenarios so they can quickly address them.

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