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PagerDuty Introduces Innovations in Digital Operations Management Enabling Organizations To Optimize Customer Experiences and Improve Business Outcomes

New Operations Command Console and Intelligence Applications provide comprehensive digital-stack visibility enabling teams to deliver exceptional customer experiences

San Francisco – November 17, 2016 – PagerDuty, the global leader in modern incident management, today announced new products in digital operations management, extending its market-leading platform beyond alerting, notification, on-call automation and triage to event intelligence, and end-to-end response orchestration. PagerDuty’s new Operations Command Console and Intelligence Applications unify and provide actionable insights on all relevant dimensions of customer experience including application performance, infrastructure health, and incident response. Intelligent insights enable teams to collaborate efficiently, resolve disruptions quickly and focus on continuous development and delivery of services.

“Digital channels are the lifeblood of businesses and can fundamentally transform a company’s value proposition and accelerate revenue growth. Delivering predictable experience across the digital channels is the opportunity for businesses to elevate their brand by conquering a complex infrastructure environment that is fast moving, filled with various stakeholders and mixed with modern and traditional technology,” said Jennifer Tejada, Chief Executive Officer, PagerDuty. “By having full-stack visibility across complex environments, companies can significantly reduce the cognitive load, the time it takes to align teams and identify and resolve customer-impacting issues. PagerDuty is doubling down on delivering one view of digital operations so companies can coordinate the best technical and business response. With new investments in pattern detection, PagerDuty is empowering practitioners and businesses to focus more on learning and innovating to deliver amazing customer experiences.”

“As businesses adopt increasingly complex architectures, they discover that their systems produce an unmanageable volume of events and data, impacting visibility across an entire business service,” said Nancy Gohring, Senior Analyst, 451 Research. “With these services becoming more critical, organizations require contextual information that allows teams to mobilize quickly. Solutions that provide both the insight and the workflows people require to react quickly to service disruptions will only become more essential given the complexity of today’s service architectures.”

Operations Command Console and Intelligence Applications - The new Operations Command

Console provides a unified view of application, service and infrastructure health, and the orchestration of incident response workflows. Smart service alerting and interactive intelligence applications enable developers, operations, IT and business stakeholders to gain actionable full-stack visibility required to mobilize, coordinate and orchestrate both technical and business responses to incidents. The Operations Command Console can be customized with the following applications:

  • Infrastructure Health Application - Operations teams can understand the state of infrastructure health through actionable, time-series visualizations of correlated events and the common context of service disruptions. This reduces the mean time to resolution and proactively manages issues before they impact the business. Continuous visibility into the infrastructure enables teams to develop, test and deploy more code with confidence.
  • Service Health Application -  Insights from the Service Health Application reduce cognitive load and allow managers and responders to quickly understand the overall health of their digital business. Operations teams can quickly identify services that require immediate triage, those with incident response in progress, and services in a healthy state that have no open incidents.
  • Major Incident Application - View major incidents as they occur in real-time and determine the relationship with impacted services and infrastructure for faster root cause analysis and resolution. Response teams can group related alerts and alert context into a single incident for simplified management and apply suppression rules to receive significantly fewer notifications.
  • Responders Application - Mobilize the right resources and collaborate with any subject matter expert from the organization to resolve an open incident faster. With the native relationship with Major Incidents Application, a business stakeholder can identify responders working a high urgency incident for continuous updates and communication flow.

“The Operations Command Console is a very promising enhancement to PagerDuty that provides a unified view of monitoring tools and immediate correlation of alerts to help us manage our services better and prevent outages. With the Operations Command Console, we can see issues coming before they hit!” said Pablo Beck, Senior Tools Engineer, Autodesk.

"We have multiple teams on-call and Suppression makes maintenance windows much less disruptive to all of our teams by only sending actionable events to the correct people,” said Mary Moore-Simmons, Engineering Operations Manager, SendGrid. “The morale of our on-call teams is very important to us so this has become a must-have feature for us as we manage growing and complex services."

The PagerDuty Operations Command Console and supporting Intelligence Applications are generally available for purchase. To learn more about a 14-day free trial visit our website and read our blog.

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