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PagerDuty Extends IT Operations Insights With Rich Incidents

Operations Performance Platform Provides Contextual Insights to Reduce Resolution Time

San Francisco – June 17, 2015 — PagerDuty, the leader in operations performance management, announced the launch of Rich Incidents, a powerful extension of incident notifications that reduce resolution time with real-time data. From within the PagerDuty notification, Rich Incidents adds contextually relevant information, related historical data and direct access to live chat rooms or conference calls. Customers are able to quickly understand the cause or related issues as soon as they are notified, and they are able to collaborate with the right people instantly, resulting in faster incident understanding and resolution.

Rich Incidents appear at one of the most critical times within the incident lifecycle, and it significantly improves the speed of access to the right data and the right team members. The key to problem resolution is the institutional knowledge and lessons often captured in several disparate IT operations sources -- such as runbooks, related data graphs and internal wikis. Bringing all that rich information together inside the notification empowers operations teams to make the most of that critical time. With direct access to collaboration tools -- such as Slack, Atlassian HipChat and Google Hangouts -- teams are also able to connect with the right people faster.”

“Rich Incidents delivers an important extension to PagerDuty’s incident lifecycle capabilities by providing our customers the right information they need to solve problems quickly,” said PagerDuty CTO and Co-Founder, Andrew Miklas. “We are committed to delivering operations, IT and engineering professionals with the resources they need to protect uptime, and we’re hearing from customers that Rich Incidents help reduce resolution time to do just that.”

Having the right insights to diagnose problems correctly and assemble the right people to solve them quickly is critical. Rich Incidents addresses these two needs directly in the incident notification by providing:

  • More contextually relevant information about each incident
  • Relevant historical metrics and graphs that increase incident understanding
  • Links to find relevant information that connects all the important resolution elements
  • Direct connection to conference bridges, chat rooms or runbooks
  • Capabilities for displaying custom graphs based on specific needs

Rich Incidents are available now for all PagerDuty customers. Additional details are available here.

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