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PagerDuty Extends Advanced Analytics With Operations Trends

IT Operations Pros Get Actionable Incident and Response Trends to Proactively Improve Operational Performance

San Francisco – July 23, 2015 — PagerDuty, the leader in operations performance management, enhanced Advanced Analytics to visualize complete event and incident history through detailed incident and response tracking across customers’ entire infrastructure. Now, businesses can use precise details about their incident history to draw trends about where their incident responses are strong, which teams need additional resources and what recurring problems could be eliminated. Advanced Analytics empower companies to proactively improve their uptime and team efficiency.

“With PagerDuty’s new enhancements to Advanced Analytics, we’re delivering a lucid view of operations trends that enable companies to deeply understand the health of their IT organization,” said PagerDuty Vice President of Product Management, Jonathan Wilkinson. “Our customers are already using these insights to improve productivity and reduce the frequency, severity, and duration of incidents.”

PagerDuty’s Advanced Analytics now include:

  • Trends across your various services and teams showing mean time to acknowledge (MTTA) and mean time to respond (MTTR) overlaid against incident count and other contextual operational metrics
  • Triggered incident trends showing the most common incidents and enabling teams to create custom classifications for each incident type
  • Incidents trends by time of day and day of week, enabling managers to correctly staff and schedule teams
  • Incidents exceeding SLAs showing both exceeded response and exceeded resolution times

Enhancements to Advanced Analytics are available now for customers on PagerDuty’s Standard and Enterprise Plans. Additional details are available here.

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