New PagerDuty Capabilities Empower Businesses to Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences with Automated Incident Response

Fall releases deliver flexible capabilities to map and control services in real-time, orchestrate events based on organization-wide data, and move more automation to the cloud

SAN FRANCISCO - November 16, 2021- PagerDuty, Inc. (NYSE:PD), a leader in digital operations management, today announced new capabilities to further support the digital-first orientation of businesses as they seek to meet heightened expectations for customer experiences. The new solutions inject control and logic at the event layer instantly to drive real-time behaviors and workflows. Uniquely integrating this new event management into operations automation reduces manual processes and toil, automates work, and drives best practices across distributed teams.

Along with these new features, PagerDuty also announced the general availability of Change Events in Mobile, Rundeck Actions, Round Robin Scheduling, and Probable Incident Origin, bringing a strong suite of capabilities all aimed at enhancing automated incident response to drive customer engagement and efficient operations across the modern enterprise.

“Successful business operations in today’s world are fully digitized. Mission-critical work is urgent, unplanned, and involves distributed teams that need to assemble and collaborate effectively when minutes of delay can mean millions in lost revenue,” said Sean Scott, PagerDuty’s chief product officer. “PagerDuty’s Operations Cloud connects teams, departments, and dependencies, empowering companies to master key services and manage time-critical work that impacts customer experience.”

Digital services are in a constant state of change with a complex web of dependencies, which is further complicated as 72% of tech leaders report their organizations are actively accelerating their digital transformation strategies. Connecting and correlating data and signals for real-time information means ingesting signals from numerous sources, both structured and unstructured, and quickly turning the data into insights that guides actions. New PagerDuty capabilities include:

New Event Orchestration: Reduce manual processes and toil to gain operational efficiency

Event Intelligence is well-known for its noise reduction capabilities with features like intelligent alert grouping. PagerDuty now delivers the ability for teams to minimize transient noise with machine learning.  Event Orchestration cuts down on businesses’ manual event processing with a powerful decision engine. Teams can now create custom logic to enrich, modify, and control routing based on event conditions at scale. Event Orchestration combines nested event rules for precise, targeted automation including diagnostics and remediation to reduce toil and gain operational efficiency.

“Customers are increasingly looking for event orchestration capabilities that balance human-led and machine-led work in real time,” said Stephen Elliot, group vice president, I&O, cloud operations and DevOps. “As CIOs and CEOs are continuing to find ways to increase operational efficiency, now is the time for people to get ahead of unplanned downtime events and find ways to automate their incident response processes.”

New Rundeck Cloud: Rundeck is now available as a fully managed cloud service

With Rundeck, users focus on building and running automated workflows. Rundeck Cloud manages the infrastructure for users by providing high availability, security, and elastic scalability. It also manages all patches and updates, so users always have the latest features available. In the near future, Rundeck Actions will pair with Rundeck Cloud to quickly create sophisticated automated diagnostics and remediation for your production systems.

New Service Standards: Enables account owners to configure and enforce best practice standards at scale for all their managed services.

Clearly defined and well-configured services are central to achieving team autonomy and efficient incident response. Many organizations are pivoting towards a Service Ownership model where developers and site reliability engineers take responsibility for supporting the code they deliver at every stage of the service lifecycle: they build it, ship it, and own it in production.  PagerDuty’s Service Standards empower organizations to easily define, share, and track the criteria for service configuration according to their unique needs. Individual teams receive clear guidelines for setting up and managing services within PagerDuty.

New Change Events & Change Correlation for Mobile: Help responders solve incidents faster

Deliver machine-learning-powered change directly to on-call responders, now on mobile devices. With the latest context available at a glance and on mobile devices, responders can identify potential change correlation, triage incidents quickly, and reduce time-to-resolution while on the go.

Solutions Now Generally Available:

Rundeck Actions + Automated Diagnostics Package: Empowers responders to immediately remove critical minutes from incident response

PagerDuty Rundeck Actions help users take action to run automated diagnostics and remediate incidents directly within PagerDuty. Improve productivity by automating repeated diagnostic and remediation steps, replacing toil of manual tasks.

For more information about these new solutions and capabilities, register for PagerDuty’s webinar “PagerDuty Fall Launch: Automate Incident Response to Accelerate Critical Work”, happening Thursday November 18, 2021 at 10:00am CST and 6:00pm CST. Or visit

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