PagerDuty on AWS

Do you know what an hour of downtime costs for your organization?

PagerDuty and AWS

With accelerating complexity in IT management and security, how you respond and resolve incidents is more critical than ever before. Without an automated incident response solution in place, addressing threats requires a lot of manual effort to conduct root-cause analysis across all the tools and processes.

PagerDuty provides analysis tools to look for patterns and trends in application performance, usage, and incident response cycles to help organizations deliver better software to their customers. PagerDuty enables rapid incident response with rich, contextual details and graphs to help you analyze trends and track performance of your applications and AWS environment.

When you utilize PagerDuty and Amazon Web Services (AWS), you gain a DevOps solution that scales as you grow, meaning you won’t have to purchase more solutions as you scale. AWS services like Amazon CloudWatch complement PagerDuty by monitoring your AWS resources and applications.

The Benefits of PagerDuty on AWS

  • Create alarms to monitor Amazon CloudWatch metrics and automate IT incident response workflows
  • Get started easily, without having to bring in professional services or rearchitect to implement on AWS
  • Scale and adopt incident response into your entire infrastructure without the need to purchase additional solutions
  • Monitor application and environment health across cloud and hybrid environments through a single platform
AWS Webinar

DevOps at Scale:  How Datadog is using AWS and PagerDuty to Keep Pace with Growth and Improve Incident Resolution

Join us to Learn:
  • How Datadog is using the AWS-PagerDuty integration to improve incident response times, manage and prioritize the increasing alert volume, and reduce alert fatigue for their on-call engineers
  • Best practices for analyzing application & service health across every layer of your IT environment
  • How PagerDuty enables collaboration with development teams to reduce resolution times
  • Christopher Hoey, SRE, Datadog
  • Thomas Robinson, Solutions Architect, AWS
  • Eric Sigler, Head of DevOps, PagerDuty

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Operationalize Intelligence Across Your AWS Environment

PagerDuty is easy to implement, without the need for you to bring in professional services or rearchitect your AWS environment. Read our solution brief to learn about PagerDuty’s secure, reliable, and scalable platform.

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AWS Cloudwatch Integration Guide

Still not convinced how easy it is to make AWS Cloudwatch and PagerDuty work seamlessly together? We’ve written a step by step guide on how to setup the integration and have answered some frequently asked questions!

Download the solution brief