Faster resolution starts with connecting insight to real-time action.

By compressing noise, providing situational awareness, and offering flexible ways to harness automation, Event Intelligence augments the PagerDuty digital operations platform and provides teams with the signals and context they need to take action, resolve faster, and reduce downtime.

Event Intelligence

Minimize unnecessary interruptions

Reduce alert fatigue and cut down on system noise. PagerDuty filters out up to 98% of noise by using a mix of data science techniques and machine learning to intelligently group alerts and remove interruptions.

Gain full context on “what happened, when”

Surface relevant incidents and recent changes to provide situational awareness when troubleshooting root cause. PagerDuty even suggests likely origin points to help responders know where to focus first.

Focus on building and innovating

Remove manual work and toil by processing events in real-time using custom logic and nested rules. PagerDuty rules to determine the next best action, so developers don't get interrupted from more important work.

"Event Intelligence has been critical to us, especially the alert grouping capabilities. On average, we’ve had 58% noise reduction, with some services seeing about 86% noise reduction."

Danny Nicholls Application Support Analyst, IG Group

Product Capabilities

  • Deduplication, Suppression, and Service Routing
  • Intelligent, Content-Based, and Time-Based Alert Grouping
  • Pause Incident Notifications & Auto-Pause Incident Notifications
  • Probable Origin
  • Past and Related Incidents
  • Outlier Incident
  • Event Orchestration
  • Automated Diagnostics and Auto-remediation
  • Change Events, Change Correlation, and Custom Change Event Transformer

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