System and User Reporting

system & user reporting

Analyze system efficiency and recognize employee productivity.

Visualize and analyze performance and efficiency from the system level down to the user level. View reports to measure operational efficiency, user productivity, and trends and patterns of recurring incidents.

“ We've recently invested a lot more time into using PagerDuty’s dashboards to decrease false positives.”

Florian Motlik, CTO & Co-founder, Codeship

Learn More About System and User Reporting

  • Analyze App and System Efficiency

    Find SLA hotspots, analyze trends, and track performance of challenging systems and applications. Analyze MTTR and MTTI trends to measure and optimize operational efficiency.

  • Evaluate Team Productivity Trends

    Learn about employee agility and productivity across the incident lifecycle and optimize future resolution times by spotting inefficiencies.

  • Balance Workload and Recognize Team Heroes

    Understand the load of incidents your responders face and the time it takes to acknowledge them. Load-balance work streams where needed and recognize employee productivity when due.

  • Improve Future Resolution Times

    View reports highlighting trends of incident volumes across preconfigured and custom date ranges, spot inefficiencies and record information for future incidents.

  • Examine Alert Distribution

    Visualize the volume and distribution of alerts that come through SMS, email, phone call, and push alert.