Cut Through the Noise. Unleash Productivity.

PagerDuty Event Intelligence is a powerful AI-powered solution for digital operations that delivers deep contextual insights, boosts your team’s productivity, and automates repetitive work.

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Event Intelligence

Minimize the Noise

Stop getting bombarded with every alert from every environment. Separate the signal from the noise with adaptive learning algorithms.

Take the Right Action

Arm your teams with the exact insights and full context they need to make better decisions, and resolve issues faster with automation.

Supercharge Your Teams

Free your teams from common issues and routine workflows with automation. Fix problems before they arise and help your teams be more productive.

“Event Intelligence has been critical to us, especially the alert grouping capabilities. On average, we’ve had 58% noise reduction, with some services seeing about 86% noise reduction.”

Danny Nicholls, Application Support Analyst, IG Group

Product Capabilities

Smart Noise Reduction

Silence alerts that don’t require a response and focus only on events that matter. Alerts are automatically grouped together into a single incident based on alert content, time period, past groups, and even custom thresholds.

Past Incidents

Shorten resolution time by understanding what worked to resolve a similar incident. See who was involved and how it was resolved to figure out your next steps.

Related Incidents

Take the guesswork out of resolving incidents with a bird’s-eye view of all related incidents across all teams and services. Know exactly who else is working on what so you can conquer together.

Outlier Incident

Be alerted by incidents that are anomalies, rare occurrences or frequent offenders to guide the next steps of incident response.

Auto Remediation

Automate repetitive processes and workflows at the click of a button in the moments that matter. Run remediation actions before involving your responders.

Change Events

Know exactly what changes occurred and whether they could be the cause of an incident. Prevent a problem from getting worse and coordinate an effective response with contextual information about recent changes.

Change Correlation

Pinpoint the potential contributing factor by surfacing the changes that most likely caused the incident.

Custom Change Event Transformer

Turn any change event from across your digital ecosystem into a PagerDuty change event.

Automate incident resolution with Rundeck.

Intelligently trigger automatic diagnostics and remediations.

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