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Connect Insights to Real-Time Action

PagerDuty is the only platform that provides both technical and business stakeholders a shared, real-time view of how technical incidents impact digital experiences, enabling them to proactively do the right thing for the business in real time.

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Connect Insights to Action

Drive proactive business response by automatically connecting technical and business responders.

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Quantify Impact in Real Time

See the real-time impact of incidents on your business on-the-go, in context with the response under way.

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Simplified Service Alignment

A lightweight, decentralized approach to aligning service relationships and ownership connects services to outcomes.

Built on Top of a Rich and Unique Dataset

Empower smarter real-time decision-making with a holistic view of machine data, services, teams, corresponding actions, and business impact.

“PagerDuty Visibility replaces disparate tools and allows incident commanders to drive GE Digital toward a communication transformation. By separating the conversation between business stakeholders and technical teams, PagerDuty Visibility allows GE to manage business situational awareness without compromising incident triage momentum.”

Ben Hwang, GE Digital, Cloud Automation Leader

Business Impact Dashboard

Get insights on-the-go with a live, mobile-based overview of the business operational status.

Operations Dashboard

The Operations Command Console provides a technical view of current system status, who’s working on an issue, and visual correlation of events to accelerate triage.

Business and Technical Services

Easily map technical services to business services, closing the gap from technical ownership to customer impact.

Real-Time Performance Indicators

Enable true ownership by quantifying the real-time impact (such as costs, number of affected users, etc.) of incidents on customers and on the business.

Real-Time Stakeholder Updates

When a business service is degraded, automatically notify stakeholders with straightforward, understandable business context.

*This capability requires Modern Incident Response

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Connect Insights to Real-Time Action with PagerDuty Visibility

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Connect Insights to Real-Time Action


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