Connect Insights to
Real-Time Action

PagerDuty is the only platform that provides both technical and business stakeholders a shared, real-time view of how technical incidents impact digital experiences, enabling them to proactively do the right thing for the business in real time.

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PagerDuty Visibility

Built on top of a rich and unique dataset. Empower smarter, real-time decision-making with a holistic view of machine data, services, teams, corresponding actions, and business impact.

Connect Insights
to Action

Get actionable full-stack visibility required to create situational awareness for both technical and business stakeholders so they can turn insights into action.

Quantify Impact in
Real Time

Visualize the health of applications, services, and infrastructure while managing incident response workflows all in one place.

Simplified Service Alignment

Align current system status, who's working on an issue, and visual correlation of events to accelerate triage.

"By separating the conversation between business stakeholders and technical teams, PagerDuty Visibility allows GE to manage business situational awareness without compromising incident triage momentum."

Ben Hwang, Cloud Automation Leader, GE Digital

Product Capabilities

Visibility Console

The Visibility Console provides a technical view of current system status, who’s working on an issue, and visual correlational events to accelerate triage.

Service Health Module

Identify services that require immediate triage, those with incident response in progress, and those in a healthy state that have no open incidents. Insights into service health reduce cognitive load and enable IT teams to quickly understand the overall health of their digital business.

Major Incident Module

Focus on specific incidents to see their relationship with your services, responders, and overall infrastructure.

Infrastructure Health Module

Provides a comprehensive visualization of the clusters of alerts and events occurring across your IT infrastructure and delivers infrastructure-wide context that is vital for improving incident management within your organization. With a comprehensive timeline of events, IT teams are able to view their alert clusters across services or tech stacks in a graphical and easy-to-understand interface that is ideal for pattern matching.

Responders Module

Mobilize the right resources and collaborate with any subject matter expert from the organization to resolve an open incident faster. Business stakeholders can identify responders working a high-urgency incident for continuous updates and communication flow.

Console Customization

Adjust the layout of the console, as well as the applications that appear. Display customization is user-specific, so set things up the way you prefer without impacting anybody else on your team.


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